About Us

Feasa Enterprises is an ISO 9001 approved company which has been in business for over 25 years.  In 2002 Feasa began the development of a range of Analysers for testing the performance of LEDs for Color and Intensity(Brightness). Our LED Analysers are used extensively in all forms of Lighting Applications as well as Industrial Automation and Vision.

We export to over 50 countries worldwide and we have several thousand LED Analysers in use daily, testing the performance of millions of LEDs.  Our products are in markets such as Aerospace, Automotive, Computing, Lighting and Telecommunications.

We continue to develop new products and solutions for the Solid State Lighting market which is growing exponentially and we invest continuously in Research and Development.
We have a global presence through a network of resellers in all countries.

Our primary goal is complete customer satisfaction and we provide a 24 hour response to customer enquiries.