Wavelength Division Multiplexers

Feasa manufactures a wide range of Wavelength Division Multiplexers (WDMs) at it's manufacturing facility in Limerick. Standard types include 1475/1550nm and 1480/1550nm pump WDMs and 1310/1550nm telecommunication WDMs. Custom wavelengths are also available and can be manufactured from either 80um or 125um fiber. Feasa's WDM features excellent reliability and thermal stability. Feasa's worldwide reputation is based on rapid delivery of the highest quality components to telecommunications, aerospace and fibre sensor industries.


Parameter Specifications
Configuration 1X2 or 2X2
Product Type 1475/1550, 1310/1550 or Custom
Centre Wavelength ± 5nm
Isolation >14dB at center wavelengths
Bandwidth ± 5nm
Insertion Loss (db) < 0.35 db typically
Temperature Dependence < 0.015 nm / °C Centre Wavelength Shift
Operating Temperature -55°C to +100°C/td>
Polarisation Dependence < ± 2nm Centre Wavelength Shift
Return Loss < -45db typically
Package Size 45 mm x 3 mm
Fiber pigtail length >800mm


Fiber Gyroscopes
Pump Combiners
Passive Optical Network
Fiber Sensors
Fiber Test and Measurement
Low Insertion Loss
Low Return Loss
Excellent Environmental Stability
High Isolation
Wide Operating Temperature Range