Some testimonials from our existing customers:

"I would like to thank Feasa for the support we’ve been receiving from your team, the response time and availability has been outstanding. We have additional development projects where we will need to implement similar solutions, we’ll keep you posted of opportunities and perhaps you could help us implement suitable solutions."

- Test Manager - Development and Support Global manufacturer of Mission Critical Products.

"Our team was impressed with the stability and user friendliness of your products."

- Test Engineer - Multinational Electronics Manufacturer

"I really appreciate you and your colleagues support. I found your technical support indispensable."

- Test Development Engineer - Electronics Manufacturing Service Company

"Our engineers have come to appreciate your products and have been designing them into our testers."

- Project Manager - Electronics Manufacturing Services Company

"I wanted to thank you again for your support and your time yesterday. It was really helpful. Thank you."

- Mechanical Engineer - Physics Department, European University

"The Feasa system is working well."

- Test Engineer - Global Electronics Manufacturing Service Company

"Our last project is working fine. Your product is very good quality."

- Test Engineer - Major Test Fixturing and Programming Company, Asia

"The Feasa LED Analyser models are very interesting to us. We are looking forward to using them for new test-systems in future."

- Test Engineer - Major Supplier of Safety Switching devices

"I've evaluated your product. I am very satisfied with it. It works great with both dimming LED and super bright LED. Thanks."

- Test Engineer - Original Design Manufacturing and Electronics Manufacturing Service Company

"We love the device. It was installed and operational in minutes."

- Test Engineer - Occupancy Sensor Products & Technology for Lighting Control Design and Manufacturing Company

"The Feasa LED Analyser is a great device with very good performance. Easy to use and very fast color-detection. It really met my expectations."

- Test Engineer - Global Original Design Manufacturing and Electronics Manufacturing Service Company

"An excellent product for testing LED’s for intensity and colour."

- Hans Echterhagen - Project Manager - Keysight Technologies - Electronic Manufacturing Test - Europe.